Monday, February 13, 2012

I exist....

I'm still banging around. Unfortunately there are other necessary things going on right now, but I'm still here. I realize that it's been slow going, and it gets embarrassing to say "it's been slow" too often. We're approaching ten months since the Kickstarter project made, and I realize that's pretty sorry. There is no need to remind me of that fact. I have gotten some inventory stuff and tool stuff put in. The big thing that's been worrying me so far is that I'm thinking random fluids, as they're currently implemented, may not be as interesting as I had projected. It's not that random properties are bad, but when you have several kinds of fluids all mixing in a big basin, I'm not sure they interact in ways that are too clean. Graphics are another thing that's been worrying me lately. They're okay in a kind of makeshift kind of way, but I haven't really spent much time on making sure the stone looks nice. I'm not talking about photorealistic nice, but in a wasn't-knocked-up-in-thirty-minutes-in-MSPaint nice. Well, those are the things on my mind concerning the project at the moment. More before long, I expect.

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  1. Programmer graphics are perfectly suitable for development. Once you can demonstrate a working, interesting project you may find that some people are willing to donate some art.

    There are also probably some public domain or loosely licensed works you could make use of. So stop worrying about graphics and get those fluids straightened out.

    Additionally, do you have a group of testers? Some friends/family that you throw test builds at to see what sticks?