Friday, October 11, 2013

Gonzo skill system trials

Rather than taking it for granted that my weird skill system idea will work as hoped, I'm taking a small detour to make a simple game testbed for it, so I can get some picture of what it'll work like in practice.  I am considering making this available to backers as a bonus, something to play around with.  That is, when it's written.

The past couple of days have been mostly spent designing it further, and looking into the capabilities of the IGraph software, which has a Python package interface, to this end.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Native AI, crawling

Slow going as I go through and try to figure out how to implement these things.  For native pathfinding, I'm considering a variation of the kind of pathfinding that ants use in the real world (and in fact is used in Will Wright's SimAnt).  Before that though is crawling.  Since the player is an entity in the world, although one composed of multiple tiles, crawling actually changes his shape.

In positive news, the interaction cursor works fairly well.


The main character can now crawl.  It sounds like a minor thing, but now that the character is actually an entity in the cellular system, the system has to be able to resize entites, check to make sure there's room, and things like that.  The analogue in the platforming system is all those problems with handling wall embeds and ejects, which is one of the trickiest parts of programming a platformer, so trading these problems, which are now solved pretty much, for those, which I never could get to work right in the prototype's dynamic world with a sprite overlaid, is a good trade I think.

I'm going to have to modify the display engine now to display multiple possible actor states.  After that, more inventory work, then maybe actually putting in new entity types, like growing plants, the beginnings of an ecosystem, and other actors.