Monday, May 14, 2012

Pyglet Progress

There is a real sense of having gotten over a hump right now.  I have the beginnings of a pyglet tile engine worked up.  What is more, I have gotten the engine to render a 2D, hardware-accelerated, gradient-shaded polygon to my specifications.  It feels a little like I, a piddly little Python hacker, shouldn't have access to this kind of power.

Right now I'm having to fight hard to not turn the whole game into an Asteroids-style vector art extravaganza.  I might just do that yet.  I make no secret that I'm not happy with the look of the game generally.  The water and liquids look okay, but the stone looks like I did it up in 15 minutes in MSPaint (where actually, it took me a bit longer than that, and I used Paint.NET).

Just imagine it: an exploration game with neon beams shining around the screen, representing walls and liquids.  Yeah, I think that kind of thing is awesome.  The perfect arcade game, in my book, would be something with a Vectorscan monitor and a Williams sound chip.

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