Sunday, July 3, 2011

In Profundis Art: Character Idea

To replace Placeholder Guy as protagonist, here's a sprite I've worked up.  Tell me what you think:

Points of interest:

It's a girl, but not ostentatiously female.  In the final game there might be a gender choice, depending on how much time it takes to make alternate versions of every frame of animation.

Shoes are a bit oversized.  I like to think of them as "clompy boots," in the style of the Iron Boots in Ocarina of Time.

Realistically proportioned body, with a big head. 

Orange backpack, ala Earthbound, explains freakish carrying capacity.

Clothes functional, a bit baggy.


  1. I'd say it works well. Simple, but not lacking character. Her posture makes it seem like she's weighed back by the backpack, which would make sense I guess, but it also gives the impression that she's not a very experienced spelunker. It's all about what you're aiming for, I suppose. All in all I like it. It's got character and that's important.

  2. Cute, I like it a lot. I'd cheerfully use her as an in-game avatar. Simple, but with personality.