Sunday, July 10, 2011

In Profundis Progress 7/9

Current work on the game concerns mainly refining the platforming. One of the complaints people had upon seeing the videos was that the world looked blocky, especially falling water. While I haven't decided on the best solution to illustrating falling liquids yet, the platforming change should make sloped surfaces a little more feasible. Emphasis on "should;" it's going to take some work regardless. Sloped surfaces are deceptively tricky to implement in the way one would expect (which is largely based upon Mario 3) in a tile-based world.
Also, I've switched the internal representation of the world fro a Python list-of-lists to a numpy array. The result is a very slight performance boost coming from reduced overhead, but more importantly it simplifies the code a bit, and should be easier to optimize in Cython.
Both these things took rather longer that you might expect, from tracking down bugs and charting out code. Still, progress is such that morale is up at the moment.

(EDIT: Fixed date, which was incorrect [again] due to confusion over the current Peanuts Roasted date.)

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  1. The title says May 9, when it was posted on July 9. :P