Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fairly productive today

I switched the game's internal vertex format from two to three coordinates for vertexes.  The result is, I should be able to use the Z coordinate in the orthographic perspective to do tile priorities, which will allow for overlarge, overlapping tiles that don't cut each other off if they're on different planes.

"Solid" tiles, like rock, growing plants, and so on will use slightly-too-big tiles.  Fluids will too, but with a lower priority.  This should help to obscure (very slightly) the discrete, grid-based nature of the simulation.

Important note, that I've mentioned before but want to reiterate: the game is no longer going to be a platformer, but more of a real-time turn-based thing.
1. Platforming engines are difficult enough to implement without handling ejects and things like that in a dynamic cellular world.
2. That kind of action-based play I think will obscure the more thoughtful nature of the game.
3. I don't really want it to be, I want to try something new here.
4. I know roguelike implementation fairly well, and this helps to keep the game more easily achievable.
5. The baggage of having platforming was one of the things that bogged down the project before.  Let's keep it more achievable now, and not shoot for outer space in a solo project, the upper ionosphere is enough.

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