Friday, July 19, 2013

Still working on OpenGL/pyglet

I had jerry-rigged tutorial code in place that *almost* did what I wanted.  But it was more fragile than I expected, and when I changed it to do the rest, it broke.

I've been having the disconcerting experience where, when in my web searching I find out something I've been doing wrong, I go in and fix it, and it causes a blank screen, or my coordinate space not being what I expected it to be.  So I go back in and do more searching, find out a little bit more about how OpenGL handles the matrix math to convert vertices into screen coordinates, fix what was wrong, but break something else along the way.

I hope the NSA enjoys seeing my Google search records as being every possible combination of "pyglet", "OpenGL", "orthographic", "glLoadIdentity", "pixel", "GL_PROJECTION", and "gluLookAt".

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