Monday, September 30, 2013

Multiple sized actors, menuing, interaction cursor

- Multiple-sized actors means, the creatures you interact with can be different sizes, to a single block, to human-size (three blocks high), to bigger.  This also means multiple-sized players, which will come in handy for things like crawling through low passages... or shrink rays?
- Menuing is working now.  The beginnings of inventories (both player and other) are in.  Item classes are progressing.
- The interaction cursor, which never did much in the prototype, is back, and has a wider array of movement than before and is more flexible, and easier to control.
- Up until now, world generation has been accompanied by flashing colors, just to indicate that something is happening and nothing has crashed.  Now it displays a log-style progress report.

Step by step, inch by inch....

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