Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In Profundis Progress 8/17

Been a few days since the last post.  This stuff isn't really very interesting, but just to fill you in....

Still working on world generation.  The key now is setting up the materials, and the "personality" of each region, and getting the materials to generate properly in each region, and giving the materials their own properties that can affect the player and each other.  This is taking a long time; I seem to have a mental block concerning the algorithms necessary for the kind of random generation of properties needed here.  I'm making lists of substances, and lists of properties, and tying the properties to the substances, and lists of regions, and lists of substances in those regions, and deciding which substances should go in which region by depth and difficulty... and it's not something I can easily hold all in my head at once.  In other words, I'm having organizational problems.  I think it's time to sit down and just plot this part out, then implement that from off the paper.


  1. When I get stuck with map generation I go back to the gameplay: what do I want the player to experience in the game? That usually helps me get unstuck.

    It's also possible you don't need to have all the answers yet. You might be able to make progress with just having some of it figured out, and put placeholders in other places.

  2. I'm actually out of the woods concerning generation now. World gen is currently a bit plain compared to the wonderful chaos of the prior generator, which just plopped everything down randomly, but it works. Back to platforming now.