Monday, August 29, 2011

In Profundis Progress 8/29: The map!

We have maps now!

This is a large image; the above is just a thumbnail.  It's not the complete map; it's one part of it, roughly two-thirds the whole thing I think.  This should give you some idea of the scale of the game.  It's so large that I'm actually starting to think that maybe multiple worlds in a single game is overkill; there is a lot of room in this map to hide things, and it wouldn't feel arbitrarily limited to not go on to a new planet after searching an area this large.  In fact, it might grow tedious if, in a single game, players had to explore many maps this big.  By this way of thinking, each game would be a single world, with a single map.

This isn't giving away any secrets because, of course, the world is randomly generated each play.  Note there are no liquids in the above map because they currently aren't being generated in world generation; putting those in is on the list of the next things to do.  Still lots of work to do of course, but figured I'd give you guys an idea of how things were progressing.

This also shows the different types of stone in the game, which serve the important functions of giving players another thing to learn about and giving different regions of the map their own visual identity.  Not pictured here is the updated character art, which I'm much happier with; it's kind of a mix between the previous art and the silhouette I used for Mayflight.

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