Monday, August 12, 2013

A screenshot

Here's a screenshot taken from the current dev version in sandbox mode.  Fluids are still blocky, but stone is looking fairly nice.  There's an outline to stone that's hidden when submerged by fluids.

Note, for some reason the background in this image is showing as a light color instead of black, this is probably something to do with pyglet/OpenGL's screenshot function and the pre-frame screen clearing function not working as I expect.  Also note, unlike the project pre-rewrite, this is running full-screen, at 1366x768, without affecting performance.  It's currently running at about 10-15 frames/second.  I have an idea to speed that up further, but it might not be necessary, depending on how complex scenes get.

I'm not sure yet how to record videos of this.  The old Pygame/SDL version was slower, but by not relying on hardware acceleration it seems like it was easier to record screencasts.

EDIT: Ah, I see now.  The background color was showing up in the screenshot as transparent!  It actually doesn't look bad on Coin Door Interlock's dark background.

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