Sunday, August 11, 2013

Upcoming targets

This is more to remind myself of the next things to get done, but I'm making it public in order to be more transparent about this.
  • Continue work on multi-tile objects, and creating/editing/simulating them in Sandbox Mode.
  • Pausing.
  • Implement the player character, implement the vectorized artwork I have in mind for him/her (user selectable), and movement.
  • Start work on the Tool Layer, a second layer of the world that will hold items and player-placed objects and structures.
  • Maybe the beginnings of NPC support.  (I have a longer post I'm working on for this, I have a specific idea of how native populations should be handled.)
  • Now that terrain is interesting to explore again, I should put some more effort into varying it, making a larger percentage of a map explorable.
  • Maybe start on multiple map exploration, and the larger structure of the world.
  • Related to that: saving and loading.
  • Player inventory.
 There, that's enough for the near future.  Onward to destiny!

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