Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Progress (4/18)

Not a lot of programming work today, but I did draw some graphics for the player.

The next objective for development, I think, is to implement basic gameplay, if just to show people how the game will work.  I imagine it as a kind of puzzle game, but with dynamic situations.  You want to cross that gaping pit; how will you do it?  You could parachute to the bottom then climb the rear wall with pitons, you could use spanners to cross the gap, you could mine down on your side beneath the gap and tunnel up the other side, you could find water above and flood the hole, or you could try other things.  You have a good number of tools each with precise uses, and each is good for overcoming a certain kind of situation.  Used in concert you can go almost anywhere, but you can't carry them all with you at once, you aren't nearly strong enough.  So there will be situations you can't get out of, but with skill and ingenuity you can minimize those.

It occurred to me just now that the game's really kind of an amalgam of concepts from other games mixed together.  It's got the play structure of Solar Jetman (returning periodically to base to resupply and drop off treasure), the loneliness of Metroid, the dynamic difficult situations of a roguelike, the rocks of Boulder Dash, the fluids of Falling Sand, and probably a half-dozen other elements I haven't noticed yet.  Dwarf Fortress, Minecraft and Spelunky are in there a bit, too.  Take note budding creators out there: all creation is like this.  You can't create something from nothing; all invention is combination.  In my recognition of my inspirations I'm just more explicit about it than others might be.  (And many games, when it comes down to it, borrow from the same games over and over again.  Super Mario Bros, DOOM, Dune II, etc.)

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