Wednesday, April 27, 2011

About In Profundis

IN PROFUNDIS (Kickstarter project) is a 2D cave exploration game in a very random world.  Not only is the cave highly unpredictable (as you can see in the below demo video), but it also has dynamic, flowing water, falling boulders, dangerous gases with random properties, and many other dangers besides.  It is somewhat realistic; your character's abilities are modest, more like what a real person could accomplish, but you can use equipment brought from base to help you get around: pitons, hammers, ropes, air guns, and more. 

Platforming demo:

In Profundis is inspired by the roguelike games in the high consequences for failure, the dynamic, mysterious nature of the randomized world, and the limited range of vision.  While some monsters are planned, the player's true foe is the cave itself.

If you went to an unexplored cave in the real world, how would you explore it it?  How would you explore it without getting yourself trapped, crushed, flattened, suffocated or lost?  What would you need to bring with you to ensure you could get out alive?

The Kickstarter page is here.  Please pledge today and help to make my game a reality!


  1. Donated. Blogged. Do you need any further promotion?

  2. Need? It's looking unlikely that the project will make goal, so I can only say yes. I really should probably haven't set the goal so high, but I didn't have much to go by concerning what to set it for.

  3. Thanks very much by the way. Sorry to forget that -- I have a kind of narrow-focus field of vision.