Saturday, June 11, 2011

In Profundis creaks along

It's been a while now and I still don't have a lot visible to show for it.  Honestly, the switch to pyglet has been going more slowly than I expected.  The thing is, to get the most performance out of it I have to redesign the main loop to be entirely event-driven, and that requires learning pyglet's callback system, the examples of which most frequently use decorator, which are proving unfriendly to circular imports....

Bleaah.  It is coming along, it's annoying frustrating work but it's happening.  And I'm doing it for more reasons than just performance -- being fully event driven will make the design of the thing a lot more professional, and make it easier to adapt to mobile platforms, which mostly use entirely event-driven paradigms anyway.  And pyglet is capable of some special effects, which might help me out in ways related to the oft-commented blockiness of the water effects.

So it's coming along.  I figured you all deserved a status report regarding the game.  This is getting reposted on Kickstarter so it'll go out to everyone.  You should also all know that the game has a placeholder website not at -- it's just a barebones Wordpress thing at the moment.  I'm going to continue to use the Coin Door Interlock blog for now though for development reports, though.

More news as it happens....

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