Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Profundis Progress (6/13)

The source has been reverted back to the Pygame version.  The spectre of performance continues to hang over my head though.  I am beginning to plan the switch to C++.

Back to normal design issues, the switch a couple weeks ago to keeping a cell change list broke vision, since visibility propagation was handled through the CA engine.  Today I worked on fixing that.  Another bug has come to light (ha ha) in the process, which is causing some out-of-vision cells to show incorrectly. Fixing that is the immediate objective.


  1. At some time we all have to grow into a more efficient language to do what we want done. Just be glad you are not in the area when that required assembly level code.


  2. Stupid idea, but you ever consider ditching tracking the world yourself and putting it into a SQL data store?

  3. Putting it into a data store won't really solve anything, since so far all the worlds kept in memory anyway. You can't get more efficient than that really without going to C-style arrays -- which, need I remind you, I probably will be going to, when I convert the program to C or C++. The problems with Python compilers and graphics libraries have gotten me to thinking about doing that sooner rather than later.